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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  August 7, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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both of these items. supervisor kim. >> thank you. i am going to make a motion to continue items 7 and 8 to the call of the chair. i think given the time, and given the length of the report, it bo would make sense to continue and another report that the planning department will be coming out with in september anyway, that is an update on the one that was released in july. so this allow the planning department the opportunity to actually merge the two reports together, and actually add a number of data points that the community has asked for since the july report has come ut. so i will make the motion to continue to the call of the chair. >> thank you very much, we'll schedule that as soon as possible. without -- so there has been a motion made. without objections -- that is the word i'm looking for without objection this motion passes [ gavel ] . thank you very much.
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>> public comment? >> that is right. let's make a motion to rescind the vote. >> second. >> thank you. unanimous motion to rescind. open up for public comments on items 7 and 8. anyone who wishes to speak on items 7 and 8 that we're going to continue? okay. all right, seeing no public comment. okay. did you want to make your comment formally? >> my name is george. i recommend continuance in the absence of time. >> thank you very much. is there anyone else who would like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed at this time [ gavel ] all right. motion made by supervisor wiener, unanimously accepted by this body. [ gavel ] motion passs to continue. thank you.
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to the call of the chair. is there any other work before this body. >> there snow further business before the body. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen. this committee is adjourned. [ gavel
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(clapping). >> when you cast our vote in an election in san francisco you might kaflt your vote at city hall or choose to vote by mail ever wonder what happens after you cast our vote what's the process for tal vote in san francisco and how is your vote counted let's follow our ballot
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when you tall a certified by the department of elections first, we'll look at what happens to our vote another a polling place when you cast your vote it is set into a system called on in sight it read our ballot and the data is soared on a memory cartridge it is based in denver, colorado provides san francisco with high sail balance scared and software to count the votes when the poll is closed the memory card is removed by the inspector cartridge is sponsored are stored in a anti static bag and a san francisco parking control officer takes official custody to deliver to city hall the custody of the actual completed
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ballot is transferred to deputy sheriff it verifies delivers them to pier 48 managed i the election on election night pier 48 is a hub of activity bringing the ballots to poll line up audits to delivery to the team it's a long night for those election employees staffer unpack and sort of all the ballot bags and i account for the ballots and dropped off at polling places and from the machines the inside ballots a counted to
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verify the total ballet for the polling places more to do with the ballots and we'll get back to them a little bit later meanwhile at systematically city hall the department of elections sets up a gone night only uploading center staffed by the employees and to transfer the memory cards by the parking 0 offices. >> on election night that he set up austin at city hall to process the votes and completely and accurately as possible in the bag it was placed on a reader that records the summary next the carriages are unpacked and checked in by our staff
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then the carriages with a vote so for etch print are fed to into the right sideers by the memory software is he see the vote by a line that is in the department rooms tabulations back at the polling place on election day you might cast our veto using the edge voting machine a bilingual that allows the voters with limited vision or other disabilities to have access to the ballot their recorded on a paper printout and stored in the edge machine. >> i also need the edge printer. >> at the end of the election day a deputy sheriff take custody of the field container
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from each edge machine. >> you on have one edge printer; right? >> those deputies transfer the container with the plastic bottles and the departments warehouse on pier 48. >> the department of election staff opens the sealed container into every edge machine and reviews the printed record. >> here at the department warehouse teams of two people roach the edge printer material and check and recheck if the votes are recorded a team have to people puts it onto a blank perspective and two different people confirm the votes and correct any errors all the edge
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printer are hyphenated their transferred to the deputy sheriff and the department employees transfer those ballots to city hall and feed into the machine for counting that way all the votes cast on the edge machine are included in the election tally. >> voters are encouraged to vote at they're assigned voting place people that cast in other marathon their ballet place their plaid in a special envelope to be verified verification is checking to see if the voter is registered in san francisco if they are their votes are count for where their registered more than 60 percent of san franciscans cast their vote by
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mail ballets cast at city hall have also process as vote by mail process brother you receive our ballot in the mail it has to be received and sort of by the u.s. post office the largest may progressing facility in san francisco though it is get i quite a large operation about 5 hundred employees throughout 3 shifts that runs 24/7365 today what we have all the day when the city of chicago have arrived and they'll be processed for delivery so over here a truck that has come in we're expecting about 2 hundred and 48 thousand ballots to come into the plant on 6 different trucks so for we've received 3
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of the trucks as you can see there's a lot of mail here right now, we're getting ready to run the mail on a bar code softer and we but u put it into a sequence it is good for the ballot constituents. >> voters drop off 25 percent of the ballets at poll places at the end of the day custody is transferred to 0 deputy sheriff that transfers them to pier 48 at the pier battles are a collected the number of rushes is needed and quickly transported by two deputy sheriff's to city hall for process before any counting of any vote by mail can happen the voters signatures must be verified so first, the unopened vote by mail is run through scanner that
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takes a picture of the bar code and signatures the bar code identifies the voter and this information along with the voters signature is sent electronically to the voters place for verification while here in voter services we check the signature on the ballet envelope with the signature on the voters fill the name predict and name is entered into 9 election system the staff reviews the information on file and visually compares the signature and we challenge the valid of the ballot if it is severed they've voted in this election and the official stamping of the ballots sent electronically back through the scanner envelopes radio run introduce the scanner again
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to sort of out any unverified ballets on the second scanner their sort of by predict voter services staff we proclaims every ballot to make sure that the voters are contract and their vote is counted. >> though accepted vote by mail used to be opened by hand now opened by a rapid extract machine it helped on the envelope on two sides and the machine that opens the flaps are recorded you can reach in and pick up the ballot it is probably twice as fast as a manual process and the wlalts is then scanned
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by a 4 hundred high-speed scanner that counts the votes on each ballot sadder at the same time employees schek the dominion sheet and compare it the scanner sometimes cannot read a ballot due to damage or light parking garages by vote their transferred by hand by a go person team those new ballets is run through the ascertain sea the votes are add to the final tabulation wonders where your ballet is you can consortium our battle ballot was received and check the constitutes and conform our vote better to be safe than sorry was ultimate counted using the tool at sfgov >> then we transfer the data from the skarnlz into this
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laptop and tabulate using the do night time software. >> on the severe those are transferred into the memory cartridges once the data is loaded on the laptop the service tabulates the vote we generate the veto and put 12 on the website and the report also includes a predict by predict breakdown of the polling places and by mail a one neighborhood district of votes and the neighborhood turn out report. >> we can take a lot of information about the election including one of the most popular broke down by party and continue to look forward to improvements. >> you'd think that is the ends of the story but still more work at pier 48 that needs to be done
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california election code requires one percent of the predicts that are chosen added random by an elected official the one percent manual tallied it their counted by hand here to the department of the warehouse 4 employees count them there are 3 steps first in each team won person called the vote and two people tall the votes that are called second to the tall people have the same results and finally the tallest are compared with the electronic vote. >> this one percent manual tall is one of the last steps in declaring the official result of the election from your home or neighborhood polling place to city hall by memory cartridge
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high speed up scanner or manually our vote is tab laid and the results end up printed and posted and declared certified by the department of election services parks and places of communicated and thanks to the mayor and the department of technology and supervisor farrell and google. we had a very very unique partnership that was able to bring wifi to our most heavily used parks and squares. >> parks in particular are really important way of life and quality of life and so is connectivity.
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bringing those two things together in a project like this is right on target with what san francisco is and wants to be. >> it's all about breaking apart the divide. the people with expensive data plan can have access to information and economy. this is really breaking down the digital divide and giving people across the spectrum the opportunity to information and giving them mobility and freedom. >> particularly by investing in connectivity in park spaces we are also ensuring the connection to digital inclusion opportunities and parks are designed for all neighborhoods. >> people are on the move. they are no longer chained to their desk tops at home. people can accomplish a lot and we prefer them being here an enjoying the outdoors and nature. given all the
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mobile community and mobile information that's available. we thought it was important to make it for our parks acceptable for everyone and give everyone the opportunity to live and to work and be at the parks at the same time. >> our full mission in life is to give them access to the internet, give them access to information. in san francisco you don't have to be bottled up in an office. you can be around and enjoy your work anywhere. it's great for the local community here and it means a lot to me. >> in the park, you are people that can teach you about the trees in the park and you can go to parks and recreation .org and having wifi in our parks makes it more accessible. if you want
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more information about how to enjoy wifi in san francisco parks, go to . >> good evening and welcome to the wednesday, august 5, 2015, of the san francisco general hospital the presiding officer is ann lazarus and joined pie commissioner vice president honda and commissioner swig and commissioner bobbie wilson to my right is tom owen the deputy city attorney that provides the board with legal advice and the oc


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